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21 Day Mindfulness Challenge for Kids

Streak - 1


DAY 1:

​You need to gather 12-15 items that have distinct taste.


We are providing our suggestions below. They have worked really well in previous batches:

  1. Salt

  2. Lemon drops

  3. Honey - couple of drops

  4. A piece of banana

  5. A piece of strawberry or any citric fruits like Mosambi or orange

  6. A piece of water melon or musk melon / sun melon

  7. Potato or banana chip

  8. Piece of cheese

  9. Piece of jaggery

  10. 1 salty bisuit like monaco/ maska chaska or 50 - 50

  11. 1 sweet biscuit like Parle G or any chocolate flavoured biscuit

  12. A piece of boiled potato & boiled sweet potato

  13. Any chutney- a pinch of it

  14. Any food that u have cooked today, give 1/4 of a spoon to taste

  15. Some bitter tasting item also can be included, a really tiny piece, just to give a flavour.

DAY 2:

Nothing required.

DAY 3:

  1. 2-3 tablespoons of Methi or Fenugreek seeds

  2. 2-3 tablespoons of Dhaniya or Coriander seeds

  3. A pot or tray more than 3 inches deep to plant the seeds

  4. Enough mud to fill the pot at least 2 inches deep

DAY 4:

  1. A sheet of paper per person

  2. Colourful pens / pencils / crayons

  3. Some decorative material like stickers

DAY 5:

Nothing required.

DAY 6:

  1. Ready dinner (either home made or ordered from outside)

  2. A box of candles (large ones, not birthday candles)

DAY 7:

  1. Scented almond oil or coconut oil

  2. Utna or ubtan powder or a ready mix that is used in Diwali

  3. In case ubtan is unavailable, you can use coarse besan or gram flour and mix it with milk or oil. For oil you can use normal coconut oil, but if you can get some fragrant almond oil, that will be much more preferable. Use this mixture as ubtan/utna.

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