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21 Day Mindfulness Challenge for Kids

Streak - 2


DAY 8:

  1. Big white coloured chart paper

  2. Tube water colours set / tube poster colour set (medium or large sized tubes)

  3. A bowl of water

  4. Some old rags to wipe hands

  5. Old newspapers to spread on the floor

  6. 5-6 dishes in which colours can be prepared and palms can be dipped

DAY 9:

  1. Prints of design sheets

  2. Colour pencils or colour pens or sketchpens

DAY 10:

Nothing required.

DAY 11:

  1. A sheet of paper per person

  2. Colourful pens / pencils / crayons

  3. Some decorative material like stickers

DAY 12:

You need to gather 12-15 items that have distinct smells.


We are providing our suggestions below. They have worked really well in previous batches:

  1. Coffee powder

  2. Perfumes or ittar that have a very distinct fragrances

  3. Cinnamon piece

  4. Ginger piece (to be crushed during the activity)

  5. Elaichi or cardamom pod (to be opened and crushed during the activity)

  6. Camphor (if available)

  7. Agarbatti (does not need to be lit)

  8. Nilgiri drops or fresh leaves (If unavailable, you can also use lemongrass leaf)

  9. Tulsi or basil leaves

  10. Piece of sandalwood (if available)

  11. Nail polish bottle (to be opened during the activity)

  12. Mint or Pudina leaves

  13. Any strongly aromatic oil like Bhingaraj or Navratna oil

  14. Freshly cut slice of lemon

  15. You can even have something that smells bad, for example: a medicine pouch which has a smell of medicine tablets

DAY 13:

  1. Some wheat flour

  2. Cooking oil

  3. Water

DAY 14:

Nothing required.

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