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Reduce your Child's
Screen Time without
scolding, fighting or tantrums!

Protect your child from the harmful effects of excessive screen time.

5 FREE bonuses worth Rs. 3,495/-

Workshop Name:

17 Techniques to Tackle

2 hours LIVE
online workshop

for parents of

Aged 2 - 12


Rs.199 only

Available Batches:

  1. 31st Dec, Saturday: 11 am to 1 pm

  2. 5th Jan, Thursday: 11 am to 1 pm

  3. 8th Jan, Sunday: 11 am to 1 pm

(you can select your batch on the payment page)

Who should attend this workshop?

>> Your child is on screens for 1+ hrs daily for fun
>> Taking phone away means fights & tantrums
>> Your child is unable to concentrate for long
>> It is difficult to get your child to study
>> Grades are slipping
>> You want to improve your bond with your child
>> You want to improve focus & attention span
>> You want to improve creativity & sleep quality

5 FREE bonuses worth Rs. 3,495/-

Help your child discover the real world rather than being lost in the virtual one all day...

What is covered in the workshop?

Module 1:

  • How does anything become an addiction?

  • Role of Dopamine - the reward hormone

  • Early signs to look out for

  • Effects on younger v/s older kids

Module 2:

  • Trolling, Cyber-bullying, FOMO, Nomophobia, Ringxiety

  • Good v/s Bad usage

  • Privacy v/s Supervision

  • Impact on education, career & relationships

Module 3:

These are very simple techniques, grounded in Psychology, and will help you reduce your child's dependence on screens. Even if you implement just a few, you will see clear benefits. 

1. Minnow or Whale?​

2. All Aboard!!!

3. Respect X

4. Pehle Aap!

5. Constructive Engagement

6. When This, Then That

7. Impulse Control

8. A Family That Plays Together

9. Objection Sustained!

10. Schedule It

11. Eliminate Inconsistency

12. You Have To Earn It

13. The Zen Mode

14. Here and Now

15. Shhhh...

16. Fast Away

17. Daag Achche Hai

Register today to get these amazing free bonuses!

BONUS 1: (worth Rs. 1,199/-)

No-Screen Games Compilation

Learn 10 highly enjoyable games that will only require pen and paper. 

Perfect for lazy afternoons, family weekends and trips where kids usually get bored and start demanding mobile phone time. 

These are uncommon games and there will definitely be a few new ones for you. 

BONUS 2: (worth Rs. 1,199/-)

No-Screen Activities e-Book

Get an e-book filled with activities of varying difficulty levels for different age groups. 

Screens provide non-stop brainless consumption of endless videos or reels. 

But what kids really need is quiet times spent with colours or craft material where they get scope to use and expand their creativity. 

These activities will keep them happy and busy for dozens of hours. 

BONUS 3: (worth Rs. 499/-)

Brain Yoga Exercises

Your child will learn simple yet powerful brain yoga exercises and activities that will help create new pathways in their brain.


This will result in improved levels of attention span, learning abilities and memory. 


This also helps stimulate both hemispheres of the brain (the left hemisphere is the logical and analytical side, while the right hemisphere is the creative and emotional side).

BONUS 4: (worth Rs. 399/-)

Habit Tracker - 12 Months

Get a beautiful, printable, visual habit tracker for kids for the whole of 2023. Stick it on the fridge or a wall and help them develop powerful new habits.

The tracker will provide visual cues to your child about their patterns of consistency.

It is great fun for the whole family to track weekly streaks as they get completed, providing healthy motivation to kids.

BONUS 5: (worth Rs. 199/-)

Reward Chart for Habit Creation

Get a beautiful printable reward chart that you can stick on the fridge or a wall. 

Define which activities the child has to complete in order to get a reward, and define rewards for different levels of success.

This will teach your child that rewards have to be earned, and not taken for granted. It will also teach your child to be patient, and not expect instant pampering.

Why is it important to do attend this Workshop?

When used in excess, screens have the following bad effects on our kids:

# Lower focus and attention span

# Reduced Problem-Solving abilities

# Lower performance in language tests

# Increased Anxiety

# Disturbed Sleep

# Stifled Creativity

# Impatience, Irritability and Tantrums

# Social Disconnect due to easy escape from the real world

Frequently Asked Questions

My child demands the mobile phone all the time and doesn't listen to anyone. Will this workshop help?

Yes, 100%. 

Scolding or punishing isn't the right approach. It only creates more attraction for the forbidden object. 

This workshop will cover 17 techniques to slowly wean your child off excessive screen-time.


You need not apply all. Even if you find just a few that suit your situation, you will see really good results.

Know Your Trainer

Rashmi - side look - cropped edited resized.jpg


Rashmi Rao is a Psychologist.

She is also a School Counsellor and a certified Meditation Teacher, and has a decade of corporate experience. 

She believes in Psychology and the power of Meditation. She founded Quieter Minds with the objective of teaching people powerful, actionable techniques to cope with Stress, Anxiety and Addictions.

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