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Quieter Minds

Daily Guided Meditations
Weekly Q&A Sessions
Weekly Mental Wellness Hacks

Pricing per Family (4 people):

Option 1:
Rs. 1000/- for 1 Month

Option 2:
Rs. 1500/- for 3 Months

(50% OFF for a limited time only)

[Scroll down to the end for a free sample guided meditation]

Happy Community Members:

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8 Amazing Benefits!!!

Delivered to your WhatsApp Inbox every morning!

Weekdays, weekends, national holidays, festivals - whatever the situation, we will deliver a fresh guided meditation to your WhatsApp inbox every morning.

No need to install different meditation apps and remember to use them. No need to get on a Zoom call with the local teacher.

We make meditation super easy and convenient. 

Mental health for the whole family

When you register for our meditation community, you can add up to 3 more phone numbers.

This way you can deliver mental health to your loved ones as well. It could be your spouse, kids, parents, siblings or even close friends.

This also makes the membership very inexpensive, costing just Rs. 125 per person per month if you choose quarterly payment.  

Available in English and Hindi

If English is not the language of choice for you or any of your loved ones, we provide each meditation in our national language as well. 

Each meditation recording begins by explaining the benefits of that particular meditation, as well as any required instructions.

Recorded - for your convenience

Live meditations are great, but tie you down to a certain time slot. If you are busy, you miss it.

We provide high quality recordings so that you can meditate at any time of the day, according to your convenience.

Highest variety of Meditations

We provide the highest variety of meditations that we have come across till date in any other program. 


You will get a different meditation every day of the month.

Most people aren't even aware of the different types of Meditations out there. We provide different styles, durations and complexity so that you can discover which ones suit you the most. 

Mental wellness hacks

Once a week, we will share mental wellness hacks from a Psychologist.


These will be short videos about great ways to deal with stress and anxiety. There will also be tips to improve your meditation practice so that you can get the most out of it.


These hacks will help you de-stress and provide quick insights into how our minds work.  

Regular support via weekly Q&A sessions

We have Q&A sessions once a week, either on WhatsApp or on live Zoom calls, where you can ask all the doubts and queries you have regarding meditation, mindfulness, stress and anxiety.

Rashmi Rao (Psychologist, Meditation Teacher, and founder of Quieter Minds) will answer every question.

Super affordable - at half the price of a movie ticket

Membership to the community costs Rs. 125 per head per month, if you pay quarterly.


This is for a wide variety of powerful meditations in two languages received every day, along with stress-busting tips and techniques!


This is a very small investment into your family's mental health. 

Some Praise We've Received:

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Know Your Trainer:


Rashmi Rao is a Psychologist.

She is also a certified Meditation Teacher, a School Counsellor, and has a decade of corporate experience. 

She believes in Psychology and the power of Meditation. She founded Quieter Minds with the objective of teaching people powerful, actionable techniques to cope with Stress, Anxiety and Addictions.

Sample Guided Meditation:

Please do this meditation when you have an undisturbed stretch of 15 mins.

Option 1:
Rs. 1000/- for 1 Month

Option 2:
Rs. 1500/- for 3 Months

(50% OFF for a limited time only)


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